The Game is in the Details.

Who we are?
What we do?

Rembrosoft, a game dev company.

The name Rembrosoft originates from the artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. The famous artist knows for an incredible talent for catching light and detail as no one before him, or after him. As well as him, we take care of the details.


We have been in the industry since we remember, still having fun every day.


Surprised? You shouldn’t be! We drink beer first then we will have a job interview with you. We need to be friends first to work together.


We want to create experiences that move people, evoke emotions and you will discuss them with friends.

Join our Family, we can grow together.

We are still looking for talents, anywhere you are.

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Colonize, a new RTS Classic.

Colonize is a building simulation that centers on the economy, population management, and city management. It is an isometric classic. The player gradually builds a settlement – a city that has the character of a city-state – with everything that goes with it. Gradually, you will make various building improvements, produce new materials, and decide on laws, forms of government, and city management.

House Flipper City

Buy devastated flats, houses and commercial premises all around the city. Renovate the acquired property, but first, look around and redesign the apartments so that they meet the requirements of future customers.

This is us, one sentence that describe us best

Friends working together.